The Call

Do you have what it takes. 



Call Requirements

For our  in-district, you will be required to show up for a minimum of 20% of the calls. Our out-of-district members will be required to pull 48 hours per month at the station. 

Training Requirements

 Training's are every Thursday. Training's start at 7 PM and typically run 3 hours. In this you MUST attend

--75% monthly fire training's (First Thursday of the month) 

-- 50% of the monthly business meetings & medical training.

(Business Meeting - 3rd Thursday & Medical is 4th Thursday)

As a probationary member, the 2nd Thursdays are devoted to assisting recruits through their new member books. 

I’d like to volunteer - what do I need to do?

Download the application below, fill it out and return it to


Fill out volunteer application and return to