Information on Burning

Ault/ Pierce/ Weld County

The Ault-Pierce Fire Department covers areas of Ault, Pierce and some parts of Weld County. All 3 have their own set of rules, regulated by them specifically. As of now, Ault-Pierce Fire does not have a set regulation required for burning.  It is a respective request that you call our dispatch center prior to burning, this will help with any 911 calls that come in during the burn. 

Weld County Communications - 970-356-1212 Option #4

Ault town limits– A small covered fire pit is allowed in the Town of Ault. It must only have wood and paper. No other items may be burned.  No other burning inside the town of Ault is allowed and could lead to a fine by the Ault Police Dept. 

Pierce town limits– The Town of Pierce required you to obtain a burn permit through the Weld County Department of Health. The contents must only debris such as weeds, leafs, and tree branches that originated in that yard. No other trash or debris are allowed to be burned.  Follow the link to the right to apply for the burn permit. Once it is approved, you will receive an email.  It is at this point that you are able to begin burning. 

Weld County (outside of town limits) –  Agricultural zoned land is exempt from burn permits. All other land owners must obtain a burn permit through the Weld County Department of health before burning and to avoid any associated fines. 

More Weld County Burn information can be found here

Not all burns on agriculturally zoned land are considered agriculturally exempt burns.  In order for a burn to be considered agriculturally exempt from obtaining an open burn permit, it must fall into one of the following categories:

  • irrigation or water conveyance ditch burn
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) burn
  • burn of vegetative detritus from a reservoir
  • burn of stubble from a commercial annual row crop
  • burning cropland vegetation for weed control
  • burn to dispose of brush to improve forage for livestock on ranches
  • burn of fruit trees, vine prunings, and cull trees in and from an orchard or nursery

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Weld county has a specific permitting application that is required to burn in the town of Pierce.  You must have a valid burn permit to avoid any fines set by the Town of Pierce and non-agriculture burns in Weld County.  NOTE: If you do not have a valid burn permit, you are subject to receive a citation and the burn will be extinguished.