About Us


The Ault-Pierce Fire Department was first organized by the men of Ault in 1904 as the Ault Fire Department, which then became the Ault Rural Volunteer Fire Department in 1945.  In Fall of 1959, the Ault-Pierce Fire Protection District was established to provide protection to the adjacent towns of Ault and Pierce and the surrounding rural areas.

The fire department was housed in the old Ault Town Hall building until 1963 when a new fire station was built.  An additional fire station was built in the town of Pierce in 1973.  We moved into our current stations in July 2007. 

 In 2016 Ault Pierce became a combination department, where we began staffing our stations 24/7. 

Today we serve a population in northern Weld County of approximately 4,800 people within an 80 square mile area.